Moorea: Days 1 – 2

We were looking for a new adventure for our vacation this year.  Something relaxing but a different culture and experience.  A friend told me about her trip to Bora Bora and Moorea and that it was an 8 hour direct flight from LAX.  After a little research, it seemed just right. 

It\’s an overnight flight leaving LAX around midnight and arriving in Tahiti at 5 am. 

We were lucky to score a row with 4 seats for the three of us so Quinn was able to stretch out between us.  We all got a decent sleep.  We arrived in the dark.    It was very reminiscent of flying in to St. Thomas. 

We were able to breeze through customs, grab our luggage, catch a taxi to the ferry terminal and were on a 6:05 am ferry headed to Moorea.  It was about a 30 minute ferry ride at sunset with a full moon. 

That\’s the island we are headed for. 

It was a bit windy. 

Once on Moorea we caught a taxi to our hotel and arrived around 7 am.  The hotel puts a small continental breakfast for all the early arrivals and provides for towels and things to get us started. 

A dip in the pool 

Our first look at the Over Water Bungalows (OWB) from the beach.  

We had a swim in the pool and a swim in the ocean and then chilled in the shade. 

Check in is at 2 pm but they said it might be ready early so around 1:30 pm we were able to check in and our luggage was already in the room.  Room #100.  

There is glass on top of the coffee table that sits on top of a glass window so you can see below.   And of course Quinn\’s green blankie came with him. 

A look out to our upper deck that had 2 lounge chairs and a table and 2 chairs.  We had a great view towards the mountains and harbor. 

A look down to the lower deck.  There is a fresh water shower on the lower deck.  The water was the clearest we have ever seen.  It was about 4 feet deep around the deck and in most of the lagoon area.   The water temperature was about 80 degrees — refreshing!

A look out towards the harbor.  The lagoon had just the right amount of sand and coral heads.  It was like looking into an aquarium.  

The hotel brought us a welcome gift of a small bottle of champagne and some macaroons. 

Every day I was down on that lower deck around 5 pm to check out the sunset. 

It wasn\’t super dramatic but a peaceful descent. 

There are several lights under the bungalow so you could even look in the water at night. 

The room had a king size bed and a couch that converted into a bed.  It was a good size for our family of 3.  We crashed hard and slept really well. 

This is going to be a good week!

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