Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament

The State Tournament for Odyssey of the Mind is so fun because the team gets to spend the weekend together in a hotel!

It all starts with early dismissal for the team at noon.   Ready to go!

We took Dan with us this year. 

We had a car sick kid so we made a pit stop at Target.  A little walking around and 3 cans of silly string later we got back in the car.

It was only about 65 degrees out but the pool was warm and the kids swam for a couple of hours. 

When Quinn got out of the pool he was much colder than the other kids so we got him a warm shower and some pizza with the team.  But something was not right so we went up to the room and Don went to CVS to get a thermometer and every cold medication he could find.

Quinn\’s temp was 104.8!!!  He was out.

The next morning Quinn felt better and his temp was down to 100.3.  He was determined to participate.

Coach Juli arranged it so Quinn could arrive at the last minute.   The kids did their long performance and it was the best I had seem them perform.   (I can\’t post any performance pictures yet.)

Quinn was still feeling ok so we hung out with the team for a while and had lunch.  At the end of lunch he came over and asked if he could go back to the hotel.   Don went to get the car and I walked with Quinn.  Quinn started feeling really bad and lost his lunch in the bushes.  Poor kid!  We spent the rest of the day chilling in the hotel.

I went back by myself to the awards ceremony.    Their category was first and they came in 3rd place!  They were so happy.  So proud of these kids.

Quinn\’s medal. 

On Friday the team presented their trophy to their principal Dr. Sellers.  Quinn was out sick the whole week but we wouldn\’t miss this. 

Into the trophy case it goes with all the other Odyssey trophies. 

The team was recognized during the March Pep Rally!

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