Don and I are doing the Conejo Open Space Hike Challenge again this year and went on our first hike. 

With all the rain we\’ve had the wildflowers are really blooming!

Lupins.  My Grandmother Cantelo\’s favorite.  You can find them all over Prince Edward Island. 

A bench with a view. 

Don at the top of the hill getting a geocache.  Sonic doesn\’t like it when his pack is broken up so he was running between Don and I (Quinn was in Odyssey). 

Quinn and his best buddy after school. 

Quinn has discovered that he loves a Tofu Scramble.

Morning hike with Sonic.  This tree was charred by the fires but is now covered with new green growth!

Green as far as the eye can see! 

Quinn made himself an after school Magic Banana (sliced banana with chocolate sauce and whipped cream).    The rule in this house is that Sonic always gets a little piece of the banana. 

Quinn hanging out on his swing. 

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