Funky Time

A couple of months ago Don and I wandered into a local winery and were blown away by a band called The Brandon Ragan Project.  Their music and their style were super funky and cool.  And Brandon Ragan happens to play the sax.  We knew Quinn would love them.

On Saturday night they were playing at another local winery and their set was from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.  I called ahead to make sure we could take Quinn and the winery gave us a big thumbs up. 

Getting ready to perform. 

The lead guitarist Gemi gave Quinn a little performance.  Gemi\’s nickname is Master Phonk and he is Funky!

Quinn was snapping his fingers and tapping his feet.  After every song he would tell me that they played that song on a 4 beat and the drummer was on every second beat, etc, etc. 

They finished their first set around 7:15 pm so that\’s when we took our minor out of there.  Brandon was kind enough do a photo with Quinn.   Quinn loved the performance!

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