Quinn has had a rash around his mouth for months and we trying to find the cause.  His pediatrician recommended a blood draw to test for allergies. 

The nurse at the dr\’s office tried twice and she sucked and it was traumatic.  So I went on-line and found a child friendly blood draw lab.    Quinn appreciated my research and found the experience not so bad.  His funny face as he looks away from the butterfly needle. 

 All done with no tears. 


Our local school board is a mess.  So Don and I are getting out there supporting some new school board members who are focused on the kids.  We attended a meet and greet on Saturday and have plans to continue to participate in our local politics. 

Just a mom chilling out in her sons room after he gets out of bed as the breeze flows through the house. 

We met the Conrath\’s in Ventura for a bike ride and dinner.  A nice way to end the weekend. 

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