The Big Effort

Quinn had a very tough start to the 4th Grade.  In fairness,  he went from a very flexible, easy going 3rd grade teacher to a strict, high expectations 4th grade teacher.    
Quinn had been really struggling but something shifted in the past couple of months and you can almost see the growth happening minute by minute.  He is transforming right before our eyes.  
He\’s still the same funny, sweet kid we all love.  But now he\’s reading about quantum physics and explaining stuff to me that I have never heard of.  The Paradox of Shrodinger\’s Cat ring a bell?  Yeah, me neither.  
Quinn\’s 4th grade teacher knew he had it in him and expected him to perform at his full potential.  And he did and still is.  

But Quinn was most proud of this.   He was beaming when I pulled this out of his backpack.  One of the comments on Quinn\’s report card was \”Fractions are Quinn\’s Friend\”.  He has mastered the hell out of fractions.  And he\’s reading at even a higher level than when he started 4th grade. 

Quinn had asked to spend some allowance money on a drone so we had him do the research on Amazon and find a highly rated one.    We ordered it for him and then gifted it to him.  We don\’t like to \”bribe\” him to do well in school (or life) but rather give him freedoms and rewards for making good choices and doing his best.
So a little bit of fun for our Effort Honor Roll kid in the park with his buddy Dan.  

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