Monterey: Day 3 & 4

We spent alot of our day in the car on Monday and wanted to avoid that on Tuesday.  So we went to Point Lobos which is about 6 miles south of Monterey.  

There were lots of great trails for taking in the beautiful scenery. 

This boy has never seen a tree he didn\’t want to climb. 

Walking through a Cypress grove. 

These two goofballs. 

More whittling. 

Wednesday — our last day in Monterey.  There is a dedicated bike trail that runs along the coast and through Cannery Row and Fisherman\’s Wharf.  We started south of Monterey at Lover\’s Point. 

We stopped at Fisherman\’s Wharf for lunch.  This is how you lock up 7 bikes with one lock. 

A couple of last pics before we head home.   We had so much fun and have a list of all the things we want to do when we go back!

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