Monterey: Day 1

Our Spring Break is quite a whirlwind.  
We got up at 6 am in Riverside to drive home.  We were home about an hour to shuffle our luggage and load the bikes.  Then off to Monterey to meet the Conrath\’s.  Needless to say the kid was tired so we made sure he had some comforts.  

All across California every 4th grade class studies the missions of California.   Each student picks a mission and creates a project based on the mission.  Quinn picked La Purísima Concepción because it was the same one his teacher studied when she was in the 4th grade.  So on our way to Monterey we stopped at La Purisima so Quinn could see it in person. 

Then it was on to Monterey.  We arrived around 5 pm and met the Conrath\’s in Cannery Row for dinner.    The restaurant had an awesome chalk wall where Quinn left his signature. 

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