Around Here

Don and Quinn have a secret that I\’m not supposed to know.  Quinn rides in the front seat when he and Don run around town.  It\’s legal but I don\’t love it, so I don\’t know about.  Except when I bust them.  

Don and I have a new healthy habit of walking every Sunday while Quinn is at Odyssey for 3 hours.  This past Sunday we went down to Malibu and hiked a new trail which we loved.  It was all uphill but was very gentle so before you knew it you were 1000 ft up. 

The Channel Islands off in the distance.  What\’s not to love!

And the little bit of rain that we\’ve had has started some grass growing. 

Quinn is back to swimming after a long break.  The pool was being worked on and lessons were at an outside pool.  Not really our jam. 

Of course he is starving after swimming so he wanted a Subway.  And he was insistent on learning how to order his own sandwich.  So here is our kid taking charge and ordering his own foot long roast beef on 9-grain wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, lots of olive, mayo and s & p.  Love this kid!

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