Women\’s March 2018

 It was the 1 year anniversary of the historic Women\’s March so it was time to march again.

Once again we made a night of it and went down to LA Friday night.  We hit our favorite revolving sushi joint.  The sushi goes by you on a conveyor belt and you just grab what looks good.  It\’s not the best sushi ever but it sure is fun.

Then back to the hotel to chill with our devices. 

We got going around 9 am for the 10 am march start time. 

It was great to see so many people out there fired up and ready to march.  It was reported that 600,000 people marched in LA.  And the signs were better than ever. 

Once we got to the City Hall we peeled off and went off to search for some Ramen Noodles which is also our new tradition. 

That is a bowl of Ramen!

And this guy getting his first Boba Tea!  
He loved marching and repeating all the call outs.  He was dancing down the street.  And when history looks back at this dark time in our history, he can feel proud to say that he was there marching for change and equality for all.  Something he can share with his kids and grandkids.  So proud of this dude!

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