Waikiki Day 3

The highlight of the trip was going back out on the Manu Kai and snorkeling with the turtles.  

There is a natural turtle breeding ground not far off the shore where the turtles are plentiful.

There was a naturalist/photographer on board who pulled this octopus out of its hiding spot.  I don\’t think the octopus was very happy. 

The octopus was stuck on me. 

The following pictures were taken by the Manu Kai naturalist even though my watermark is on them.

Quinn did not want to get too close to the octopus. 

Back to my camera. 

I love this.  Quinn imitating a turtle?


On this trip was another Australian boy, Will,  who Quinn had met the previous day.  After the snorkeling they took turns belly flopping off the boat. 

Hanging out on the nets. 

We took a sail around Diamond Head before heading back to shore. 

Look at that gorgeous water.

On Saturday evening the main street was closed for a big party so we ventured out.  Check out this huge banyon tree.  

Lots and lots of people. 

 King Kamehameha statue, lei offerings, and sunset. 

Another great day in paradise. 

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