Waikiki Day 2

I woke up on California time so I went out to check out the sunrise.  A view towards Diamond Head.  The surfers were up early too.

A look down the beach.  The couple on the very left side were in the wedding gear and doing self portraits. 

Our hotel.  We had a room on the right hand side.   Dukes is on the lower level with the straw umbrellas and the Hula Grill is on the 2nd level with the red awning.  
My guys were still sleeping so I went off to find a classic Hawaiin breakfast…SPAM Musubi.   I got us the Bacon, Egg, and Spam.  Yum!!

There were lots of activities right on the beach so we went out on an outrigger.  Quinn was facing me and was a non-paddler. 

We paddled over to the surfing spot and waited to catch a wave.  The captain blows the whistle to alert the surfers we are there.  This was so much fun!!!  Video courtesy of Quinn.  

Outrigger Wave from amy white on Vimeo.

Lunch at Dukes again. Quinn found a favorite spot to sit while we waited for food. 

Ross had been to Waikiki before and suggested we go out on the Manu Kai catamaran which always pulled up right in front of the hotel.  They had a Friday night fireworks cruise which was alot of fun. 

And there was a phenomenon happening in Waikiki.  It was full of 9 year old, only child, super fun Australian boys!  Quinn befriended 3 such boys on this trip.  Tonights Australian friend was Ethan. 

I think he was having a good time!

This is how Waikiki does Friday Night Lights. 

Waikiki Fireworks from amy white on Vimeo.

Back to shore and off to find some Shave Ice. 

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