Fourth Grade Goals

Don & I attended Back-to-School night this week and had a chance to meet Quinn\’s teacher Mrs. Carroll.

The word around school is that she is very strict but I really liked her and thought the negatives were really positives.

She makes it clear to her students what she expects of them…and she expects alot.  She pushes each student to do their own best and will never give a student work that they cannot handle.  Fourth Grade is also about being organized and managing time and projects and she works with the class step-by-step to master this.

Quinn\’s 3rd grade teacher was very artsy and free flowing and we really liked her.  Quinn\’s 4th grade teacher is very organized and strict and we like that too.   Oh, and she has a BS in Science so YES to science!  And she has a 3D printer!  Fun!

Here are Quinn\’s 4th grade goals:

1 – Get better handwriting
2 – learn to type with a mouse in my hand
3 – teach my dog to get what I say
4 – learn how to make my own pancakes

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