First Trip to the Skirball

We made our first trip to the Skirball museum this weekend.  It is right by the Getty and have passed by it dozens of times but never took too much notice.   I saw that they had a special Paul Simon exhibit that was finishing it\’s run and I knew that Don would enjoy visiting.  Don is a big fan of Paul Simon.  
So off we went.  They have a very cool Noah\’s Ark exhibit for kids.  Pretty impressive!
Everything in this exhibit is made out of recycled or reused materials.  

There were lots of moving parts.  Here was the area where you could create rain, wind, thunder, and lighting.

Turning the giraffes head.

Loading them two by two.

Kids were encouraged to touch and climb everything.  Here was a special room for climbing.

Quinn had a great time in Noah\’s Ark.

On to the Paul Simon exhibit.  There was a special room set up where you could play along to Paul Simon\’s music.    This was Quinn\’s favorite part of the museum.

It was fun to re-mix some of Paul Simon\’s biggest hits.

There was a huge room full of his handwritten songs, memorabilia, and all sorts of other Paul Simon stuff.  It was a great new discovery!

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