Quinn\’s Aussie Buddy

Quinn\’s buddy Nate and his family are moving back to Australia.  We are sad to see them leave but that gives us an extra incentive to travel Down Under.  
Nate\’s mum and I took the boys for a little fun of miniature golf, rides, and arcades for a proper sendoff.  

On Quinn\’s first day of school at Lang Ranch in 2014 we were both feeling a little bit nervous and didn\’t know anyone.  Quinn was sitting off to the side whistling when a little dark haired boy walked up and asked Quinn if he could whistle any Minecraft songs.  At that point, I got the sense that it was all going to be OK.  
Here are the boys just after they met on the first day of 1st grade.
And 1st Grade Jog-a-Thon.    

They haven\’t been in the same class since 1st grade but whenever they get back together they have the best time.  We will miss Nate and his family.

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