Finishing up 3rd Grade

Just like that.  Quinn has finished the 3rd Grade.  And we are so proud of him!
Here is the first day and the last day of 3rd Grade.  We like his new long-ish hair.  

Did we mention that he got straight A\’s and participated in a special luncheon last week with the principal Dr. Sellers.  They also award the kids for Perfect Punctuality vs Perfect Attendance.  They want sick kids to stay home.

Quinn with his amazing teacher Mrs. Tracy.  Yes, they are about the same height.

One last picture of these about to be 4th Graders!

Heading home with his buddies!

Party at our house.  These smart boys engineered a slide into the pool.

Slide in the Pool from Amy white on Vimeo.

Ice Cream Sundaes!

A game of Sorry!

A great way to end the 3rd Grade!

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