Shiny New Blue Belt

It\’s Taekwondo testing time again.
This time it\’s for the Blue Belt.  The Blue Belt is significant because it means you are halfway to black belt.  And they say this is when the hard work begins.
Ready to test.  
With each belt they need to do a kick or punch to break a board.  
It took Quinn a handful of times to break the board but he didn\’t give up or get frustrated.  He kept trying until he got it.  

Breaking Boards Blue Belt from Amy white on Vimeo.

With the one and only Grand Master Yong Shin.  The kids are all a bit intimidated by this most handsome man.

After testing Quinn got Grand Master Shin to sign his broken board and also write Quinn in Korean on his uniform.   Our sweet blue eyed boy.

The next night is belt presentation.  Quinn gets his blue belt.   With his little buddy Jack also earning his blue belt.

Do your best pose.  The Dab is still the go-to pose.

And then we had a little surprise for Quinn.  

He has been working so hard and really wants to go all the way to black belt.  So we made a commitment to Quinn and to the studio that we would support him going all the way to black belt.  In return, Quinn gets a Black Belt Club uniform.  #thegoalisblackbelt

He was pretty surprised and happy.

At the end of the belt ceremony the black belts do a quick demo.  This is Master Ocompo breaking some bricks.  

Ocompo Breaking Bricks from Amy white on Vimeo.

Best Buddies with their new shiny belts.

We are so proud of everything our little dude has accomplished.

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