I\’m not sure how many halloween costume ideas Quinn went through but he settled on FlameTrooper!  And he\’s one good FlameTrooper! 
Our little FlameTrooper on his way to a halloween party.

And walking in to school on Halloween with his Ninja buddy.

Quinn\’s school does the \”Longest Halloween Parade in the Conejo Valley\”.  The principal starts in the kindergarden room and weaves in and out of all the class rooms until she has a great big long line of 700 students behind her.

Quinn\’s class.  His teacher was an American Girl doll.

On Halloween night we went out with friends in neighborhood around our school.  We ended up with 9 kids in our pack.   Getting ready to head out.

There was one very popular street where all the houses are decked out and it was a MAD HOUSE.  Not a great picture but look at all these people.

One family creates a Haunted House that is supposed to be really good but the line to go through was a little bit too long for us.

Quinn collected lots of candy.  The switch witch didn\’t visit this year to trade out the candy for a toy but Quinn picked out about 10 of his favorites and the rest will be donated.

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