Now that Quinn is a 2nd Degree Yellow Belt in Taekwondo he gets to do contact sparring.  Basically kicking and punching each other with lots of gear on.

We just got all of his gear and gave it a test run at home first.    Ready to kick some butt!

And the real thing the next day.  In this match, he was paired up with another 2nd degree yellow belt.  A girl who\’s probably a foot taller and a couple of years older.  And she\’s one tough girl!

In the course of a 45 minute class, they probably have about 6 – 8 matches and switch partners almost every time.  He will fight kids bigger, smaller, less skilled, more skilled, etc, etc.   After the class was over he said he was \”wrecked\”!  But he had a great attitude especially with this being so far outside of his comfort zone.  So proud of this guy!

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