So Proud of Our 2nd Degree Yellow Belt

This week Quinn tested for his 2nd Degree Yellow Belt.  One of the main elements of the testing is to learn the \”forms\”.  To get from white to yellow belt, you have to learn a 6-step form.  To get from yellow to 2nd degree yellow, you have to learn an 18-step form.    It\’s really difficult to learn the right-left, kick-punch, turn, etc, etc.  And Quinn had a really tough time with it and one point he thought maybe he should quit.
But he didn\’t.  He persevered.  And look what he did.

2nd Degree Yellow Belt Forms from amy white on Vimeo.

He also broke this board in one hit!!  I thought I was getting a video of it, but I only got this one shot.

He earned this 2nd Degree Yellow Belt and we are beyond proud of him for working so hard and not giving up.

And his instructors are amazing.  When Quinn was having a hard time learning his forms, Master Solstig took him in to his office and gave him a long pep talk about how it\’s OK to try and make mistakes.  But he has to try.  Master Solstig is such a positive influence. 

And Master Ocampo worked really hard with Quinn to help him learn his forms.  Both of these guys are super nice and full of positive messages, but also super bad asses on the Taekwondo floor.

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