Happy Nerdy Birthday Don!

We have a friend who works at NASA\’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena and we were talking to her about getting us tickets to the always sold out annual open house.  She told us we could go to the JPL website and sign up for a tour.   
I looked at the tour dates available and one was September 12.  Done!  Don\’s company encourages them to take a personal day on their birthday so we pulled Quinn out of school and drove to Pasadena.
We were surprised that there was quite a large group for our tour, maybe 70 people, and they broke us into 2 groups. 

Quinn was so excited for his day at JPL!  And his teacher fully supported this education hookie day.

A replica of the Mars Curiosity Rover that was built at JPL.

Love this sign that is on the wall.

This might have been my favorite part of the tour.  Mission Control.  If you saw the landing of the Mars Curiosity then this would look familiar.

One happy dude!

Don and I also had a night out for his birthday at one of our favorite restaurants.  Beautiful golden mountains in the background.

And Quinn picked out a couple of special gifts for Don.  A Slytherin tshirt (from Harry Potter) and some Space Pants (from Saturday Night Live).   Don thought they were pretty great.  Happy Birthday Don!!!

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