Cub Scout Camp

The week right after school let out Quinn went to Cub Scout camp all week at a new-to-us local park.  The camp is all outside in the park and he came home exhausted every day!
First day, playing catch with his Den Chief.

\’All Camp\’ closing ceremonies on the first day.

The parents are required to volunteer so my day was Thursday.  Quinn with a buddy climbing a tree.

Quinn\’s favorite part of the camp was going to the archery range and the BB Gun range.

Each den rotated through an activity every 45 minutes.  This was a game of cricket and not a big hit with the boys!

Back at the den for lunch.  There were about 10 boys in Quinn\’s group from about 3 different cub scout dens.

Bottle rockets were a big hit!

Closing ceremonies.  All the boys in the camp.

Overall a fun and tiring week but he earned lots and lots of cub scout pins!!

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