Quinn\’s Yellow Belt Testing

Quinn started Taekwondo in April after he saw this particular school, Tae Ryong,  perform a demo at his school.  He asked if he could sign up for classes and I immediately said YES!

He has been going to class 2 – 3 times per week and working towards his yellow belt.  (I think he\’s going to tell me it\’s a gold belt but I\’ve already named all my files yellow.)   He has such a great attitude about going to class and giving it his all.  As he claims, sports are not is thing so it\’s great to see him excited about a sport.

We couldn\’t be prouder of our little ninja!

Taekwondo Yellow Belt Test from amy white on Vimeo.

Here he is with his main instructor, Master Solstig, in a fierce pose.   Master Solstig makes the kids laugh and have fun, but always requires them to focus and do the moves right.   Mental and physical.  We love this place!

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