STJ: Day 8 – 9

Day 8, Saturday:
It\’s a good feeling to just be turning the corner on our 2nd week when most people are leaving after the week.
Today we went out with our old buddy Captain Phil on the Wayward Sailor.  This would be the best time to have your camera charged and ready to go.  I thought I did but when I went to take my first picture the battery was dead.  BOO!!!!  
But it was a great 4 hours and Quinn was snorkeling like a boss!!  We were out in the middle of nowhere and Q didn\’t miss a beat.  Free Diving like crazy!  So crazy proud of this kid.
We had lunch in town and headed home for a rest.  Then it was out for a late afternoon and dinner at the beach.
The kid wasn\’t allowed to take the ipad in the car so he did lots of reading…and loved it!
A look out to sea from the villa.

A look at Maho Bay around 5 pm.  You might remember that Maho Bay had the eco-tents built on the outcropped hill on the left of this picture.  All the tents are down and some billionaire is building on a family compound.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to see rays and turtles feeding and we saw tons of them!  We also saw an arrow crab that looks a little bit like an underwater spider.  And our boy #snorkellikeaboss

This might be my favorite picture from the trip.  Just brings me back to our favorite beach at a peaceful time of day.

This never fails to crack us up.  

 Day 9, Sunday:

Back at Trunk Bay today.

We always think we are so clever parking in the gulley as the parking lot fills up.  One day we were put to shame when we saw 4 jeeps backed in to this spot 🙂

And we have \”our\” spot which is always to the left tucked in the shade.

Since Quinn had been doing great with snorkeling we decided to snorkel around the island.  Here\’s a look back to shore.  This is a long swim but there was no current at all.

This might be the littlest turtle we have ever seen.  So cute.

My free diving guys.  #snorkellikeaboss

As we were reaching the back of the island I got a peak of something way down at the bottom that I remember seeing there years ago.  Here\’s Don taking a closer look….and with Quinn.

 Don captured this 30 second video. Or here on YouTube.

And he got these pictures.  We had seen this lobster like 10 years ago before we had Quinn and it was HUGE then.  Now it has to be at least 15 – 20 pounds.  The pictures don\’t do it justice.  

The fans and coral were really lovely where the masses of people don\’t usually snorkel.


I love these snails called Flamingo tongue.

Right on bro!

Beach games.

I kinda love this one.

And a book before dinner on the beach 🙂

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