STJ: Day 6 – 7

Day 6, Thursday:
Another beautiful day at Maho.  
This year we are seeing lots of trunk fish.  We usually see a couple here and there but this year there are lots and lots.  This guy was eating a conch that something else must have opened for him.

 Back at the house with his book.  He always finds the funniest places to read.

This is a typical sized pool for STJ.  They are just big enough for a dip.

Parents Night Out!  We have used the same babysitter since Quinn\’s first visit when he was about 2 1/2 years old.  Crystal has lived on the island her whole life and runs a tourist-related business with her family.  We all love when Crystal babysits!

And Caneel Bay is probably the most well known resort on STJ so we typically stay away from it.  However I had been reading about great reviews about one of it\’s new restaurants so we decided to give it a go.

Before dinner drinks down by Caneel Beach…looking towards St. Thomas.

And a crazy view of the sunset.  There is a phenomena called Sahara Dust which is exactly what it sounds like.  Sands blows across the Atlantic from the Sahara and causes this hazy affect in the sky creating amazing sunsets (despite my crappy picture).

And dinner lived up to it\’s great reviews.  Probably our best meal ever on STJ.

Day 7, Friday:

Another babysitter day with Crystal so Don and I can go out snorkeling and adventuring.

 We started our day by finding a scorpion under our beach bag.  Fortunately Crystal was there to kill it for us 🙂  Scorpion\’s aren\’t rare on the island but this was only our 2nd sighting in 10 visits.


On our way to the east side of the island.  The islanders love to embelish all the street signs.  This is a new one to us.

Every visit must include a snorkel at Salt Pond.  It\’s a bit of a hike in downhill so the walk back is never fun.  But it\’s worth it.

We saw this cute little turtle among other things.  We decided to check under the sail boat that was moored in the middle of the bay and under it was a 5 foot barracuda.  HUGE!   And that tiny needle fish in the lower right just kept doing circles around us 🙂

Then we headed out to Lameshure Bay which was beautiful and empty.  The corals and fans were so healthy.  Great to see.

Back to the beach for dinner.  A guy was selling light up toys on the beach and Quinn had to have these light up glasses.

Another fun dinner on the beach!

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