Mother\’s Day

Mother\’s Day started with sleeping in.  Ahhh.  
And a little of this.  

Quinn had told Don that he thought they should spoil me on Mother\’s Day…and they did.
Some love notes from Quinn.

Don made us a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict, following Gordan Ramsey\’s techniques.  Some hiccups along the way but it was very tasty.  And then he cleaned up!  You can see the flowers Quinn picked out for me.  One red rose, one sunflower, and one yellow rose that he calls a Sun Kiss.

We were feeling lazy so we hung around the house before going out for lunch and then on to the beach.  My Happy Place!

There were so many large flocks of pelicans cruising the coast.

And me and the boy who made me a mother.

I felt the love.

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