Family Time in Maryland

Quinn and I took the train from NJ to MD on Sunday and went right to Pam & Jeff\’s for Easter Dinner.  It was great to see the whole family including Alex and his gal pal Bianca.   
Monday was a beautiful day so we spent some time at a local playground.  
Tuesday we celebrated Alex\’s 25th Birthday!  It was great to be able to see Alex 2 times in one visit.  

I kinda love this picture of Ben and Alex.

Grams and 3 of her 4 grandsons.

It was great to have another girls dinner out with Stacey in Frederick.  We always pick up like old friends with lots to talk about.

Out for an after dinner walk after spending most of the day inside.  Showing off my new fashionable glasses.  BTW, Quinn requested that the picture only include half of his face.

And saying goodbye to Aunt Pammie.  We were lucky that Pam had a couple of days off while we were there so we got to spend lots of time with her.  

Home sweet home now but loved our chill stay in Maryland with Mom and the family.

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