Easter in NJ

We had so much fun with our friends in NJ.  Quinn was so excited to see his pals Lucas and Kaiden.  What did they most want to do? Play Minecraft next to each other.
Danielle and I snuck out for dinner on Friday night. Here is Danielle about to try her first raw oyster.  I love the picture behind her kind of reflects her smile 🙂  It was great seeing Danielle and spending time together.

And look at this!  Quinn had his first sleep over at Lucas\’ house!  I kissed him goodnight and then waited about an hour before I went back to my hotel sad and lonely.  Ha ha!  I loved that he wanted to do this and had so much fun spending the night with his buddy.  Danielle offered me a blanket and the couch but I really wanted Quinn to have his time.

Danielle\’s neighborhood has an easter egg hunt so we joined in on the fun.  Getting ready.

Maybe a little baseball before we go.

And it\’s on!  As you can see, the eggs aren\’t really hidden.  After you collect all your eggs you turn them in for a goody bag.

I love KK\’s face in this picture.  What a ham!

We went out to dinner with my Sundance pal Christine and her daughter Giana.  The kids played for a while at the house and Giana pulled Quinn around the house by his hand.  It was pretty funny.  Get ready for this kid, that\’s what girls do.

Before we left California I asked Quinn if the Easter Bunny would find him in NJ and he said yes so I packed some easter goodies for our hotel.

His favorite easter egg?  The one that said \”one free age appropriate app\”.  The Easter Bunny knows what Quinn wants.

Then we went over to Danielle\’s for our 3rd Easter Egg hunt.

Then it was time to move on.  Quinn and I took Amtrak from NJ to Baltimore.

On the move.

Doing what he does best.

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