Uphill Climb

My Monday morning hike was quite an uphill climb.  I had seen this hill from the road and was dreading it.  Little did I realize that the hill visible from the road was just the beginning.  I guess that\’s why it\’s a \”Fitness Hike\”.
I might lag behind a little bit but keep moving one foot in front of the other.  It was a warm day in the full sun and we had another dehydrated hiker on the verge of passing out (not me).  

Lot os flowers still in bloom but it\’s starting to warm up and the rattlesnakes are emerging.  This kind of narrow trail with lots of vegetation on either side worries me a little and I always keep my ear out for the tell-tale rattle.

I think we have hit the peak of the green season as the greens, especially at the top of the hill, are starting to get brown and crunchy.

I guess I should have taken a picture when we got to the top of the world.  It was quite beautiful with a much needed breeze.  Still loving my Monday mornings.

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