Marathon Man

We are so proud of Don for fulfilling a life long goal of completing a marathon.  On Sunday he completed the Los Angeles Marathon which starts in Dodger Stadium and finishes in Santa Monica.  26 miles and still standing!!

It was a warm day so they started the marathon 30 minutes early and fortunately it was mostly cloudy to give a little bit of relief from the heat.  Don looks great after finishing.   He wasn\’t 100% pleased with his time but he finished in about the top third of all 26,000 runners.  And he finished!!!

Unfortunately we weren\’t able to see him running or finish because it was crazy crowded.  It was my first marathon as a spectator so I wasn\’t quite sure where to go or watch.   It took about 30 minutes after he finished to make his way to where it wasn\’t so crowded that we could find him.  But there was an LA Marathon iphone app (of course) so we were able to track his time splits at every 10K and see when he finished.

We went down to Santa Monica on Saturday after Quinn\’s baseball game to spend the night.  Don had to catch a shuttle at 4:30 am from Santa Monica to Dodger stadium for the start of the race.

Here are some pics he took at ZeroDarkThirty.

Dodger stadium.

He said he was sizing everyone up to know whether or not they were beatable.  Totally beating Gumby 🙂

PreRace and ready to go.

A couple of shots of the beautiful sky on Saturday night.  There are worse places to have to finish a marathon.

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