Trail Ride

We started our year off right with a bike trail ride.
Now that Quinn is really proficient at riding his bike we are doing more family outings and finding that our temporary bike rack wasn\’t cutting it.  So we got this one that hitches securely to our car and we don\’t have to worry about bikes falling off on the 101.

We had walked this trail (or a short part of it) on Thanksgiving Day with Mae and it was pretty flat with lots of bikers.  So we thought this would be a good place for Quinn to have his first trail ride.  It\’s 4 miles up and back with very little elevation.

We were on our way back and Quinn was just hooting and hollering he was having so much fun!  It was New Year\’s Day so lots of people out and about and getting a good laugh as Quinn went by.  Hard not to appreciate a boy having a great time.

What a fun adventure with this boy!

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