Rose Bowl Floats

On Saturday we went to see the Rose Bowl Floats up close and personal.  And they were impressive!

The floats are at the end of the parade route in Pasadena and we were lucky to have our first warm day in a while.

The Bachelor Float won for the best use of roses.  Ha Ha!  I think I heard they used 25,000 roses!


You probably know that all of the color/design on the floats are natural ingredients.  You really can\’t appreciate the intricacy of it until you see it up close.   Here\’s the Burbank float.

I took an up close picture of the bananas.  Imagine having to place each one of those lentils.

A look towards the mountains and the winning float.

This one was so simple but one of my favorites.

Love the use of lemon and lime slices for the scales on the fish!

Loved this shock of pink!  This was the Zappos float.  The inside of the mouth of the hippo is completely covered in pink flowers.  Wow!!

It was pretty awesome seeing all the floats up close.  Something I\’m glad that we did and won\’t need to do again for 5 more years 🙂

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