This Week

 It was so chilly Monday morning that I started a nice warm fire.  So thankful for a remote control start to a gas fireplace.  

Quinn earned enough tickets at school with positive behavior to bring in something from home.  The Buddy.

In my photography class this week we wrote haikus.  

Quinn spent an afternoon not talking but writing notes.  I need to scan them because they are so cute.  This was slipped under the bathroom door.  It\’s a picture of his ant farm.

Quinn and I have been playing alot of Winner Take All, a game he made up.  It\’s like the card game War but with dominoes.  He always beats me.

His old man shorts.  When we got out of the car to walk to school I asked him to fix them because he looked ridiculous.  He said \”But I like to look ridiculous.\”  🙂
Saturday morning bike ride at our local park.  He\’s gained quite a bit of confidence.   Don is riding a bike that Brad gave him so now Quinn and Don have matching red Specialized bikes.  

Then we went to Dukes in Malibu for lunch.  
Don took the windy roads home and we hit a spot that was new to me.  It was right along the back bone trail and you could see in to the valley in one direction.

And out over the ocean in the other direction.  I think that must be Catalina Island out in the distance.

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