Jog a Thon

Quinn\’s school has a Jog a Thon (JAT) which is a huge fundraiser for the school.  The idea is to donate a dollar amount for every lap…but the PTA recommends you just donate $180 per child.  Yes, seems pricey.  BUT, and this is a big BUT, the school never asks you to sell wrapping paper, pizzas, or anything else.  Donate $180 and you\’re done!  I love it!!!

Back to the JAT, which was Friday morning.  A couple of tracks are set up in the school fields, along with a DJ, and lots of fun.  The JAT goes on all day and Quinn\’s class ran at 10:30 am.   It\’s a timed race and I think they ran for 15 minutes.  The goal for 1st graders was to run 23 laps.

Hanging out in the shade before they start running.

The kids were divided in to 5 groups and a parent was responsible for marking their laps.

The class mascot, Steve the Duck.  Along with the class poster….Jogging is Awesome!

Quinn\’s group before the run.

Quinn\’s teacher promised to run one lap with Steve.

For $2 you could  have the DJ read an AirGram.  Ours said \”Go Mighty Quinn!  Your mom and dad are so proud of you.  Shake dem bones around the track.  Go Quinn!\”  (One of Quinn\’s favorite halloween books is called Shake Dem Bones.)

After the run.  Red faces and sweaty shirts.  It was hot, hot, hot out there!

A very hot and tired class.

And he did it!  23 laps!  For running 23 laps he got a coupon for a kids scoop at Baskin Robbins.

A popsicle treat post race.

On a side note, every kid in his class took home a turkey feather to decorate and they were all added to the class turkey.  Quinn\’s feather is brown and on the right side.  He drew a blue glitter turkey on the feather and we added the word gobble with some beads.

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