The Big Fat School Post

Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?

Yep, our school year has started off great.  Beyond great.  Last night I was telling Don that I hope nothing bursts this happy bubble for our family.

First and foremost Quinn loves his teacher and is happy to go to school every day.  Along with his buddy Zach, he has made friends with a couple of other boys in his class.

And secondly, the parent community is amazing.  I was lucky to make friends with Zach\’s mom because beyond being a great friend, she also has a 5th grader so she knows the school.  She is also a 3rd grade teacher in the district (at another school).

On the first day I also befriended a mom who is a PTA board member and she has kind of taken me under her wing.  I even got invited to a 3 hour lunch.  But all the moms (and dads) have been so welcoming.  I feel very fortunate.

I\’ve volunteered for a couple of PTA things and also volunteered to help in the classroom.  No one signed up for Class Mom so why not?  I talked another mom into signing up and helping me.  This is my year to fully immerse myself in the school.  Don is convinced that I will be PTA president one day but I don\’t think so.

So far the school experience has been everything I had hoped for both Quinn and I (and Don).

Since the school is Lang Ranch their mascot is the Wrangler.  Friday is spirit day and if you wear your shirt you get to get a toy out of the treasure chest.

On our way in.

He hangs up his backpack and gets his homework folder out.

Can you believe that he\’s no longer the tallest kid in his class?  Boo Hoo!   We\’re hoping for a growth spurt 🙂  The first bell rang so they line up and get ready for Mrs. Cano to open the door.

Hello Mrs. Cano!

It\’s Sunny California so the bookbags are lined up outside the classroom.

I still have my lunch groove going so Quinn is getting some creative lunches and the box usually comes home empty.   I made some healthy homemade Rice Krispie treats and Quinn has requested one with every lunch.  That\’s the weird looking thing in the orange cup.

Here\’s Quinn\’s spot.  He sits next to a girl who lives about 5 houses down from us.

A selfie.

On back to school night we asked Mrs. Cano how Quinn was doing and she said that he is fully participating in class.  She said that he \”really thinks outside the box and comes up with the most amazing answers\”.  She said the other kids sometimes wonder how he thought of that answer.  That\’s our guy.

One thing I especially love about Mrs. Cano is that she believes in positive reinforcement.  So she gives tickets to individuals she catches doing something awesome and then the tables can earn points with good behavior.  This is a great change from last year.

I think we have already had more playdates this school year than we had all of last year.  And we have 2 playdates scheduled for next week.  So awesome!

This is his buddy Nate who lives in our neighborhood (not really walking distance…yet).  His family moved here from Australia and his mom is super nice too.

They asked for a Minecraft playdate and I told them they had to play for the first hour and then could play Minecraft.  Nate was really impressed with Quinn\’s Minecraft skills and wondered how often he plays.  Ahem.

And there you have it.  My Big Fat Very Happy School Post.

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