On to New Jersey

Quinn and I took Amtrak from BWI to NJ.  
Quinn and Lucas were so happy to see each other.   First stop Fujiyama Mama!
On Monday we saw our friends from Sundance.  It was more about some mama time with my friends but the kids always have a blast together.

Their favorite ipad game, Minecraft, has a mode that you can play together on separate ipads.  That\’s all they wanted to do, together.

As seen from the kitchen window.

Monday night we went \’down the shore\’ to Jenkinsons to ride the rides.

Kaiden got lots of daddy time while Quinn and Lucas did the big, scary rides.

Danielle thought of this clever shot with the boys over our shoulder.  We were each on the right side.  And west coast east coast 🙂

The supermoon rising over the Atlantic.

 Tuesday morning we met some friends at a bounce house for loads of fun.

I\’m sure you remember these guys!  They were so happy to see Quinn and visa versa.

A big pile of boys!

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