Maryland Visit

From one fair to another.  The Howard County Fair.
Getting ready to spin on the Himalaya!

I did this ride once with Quinn a couple of years ago in Rehobeth Beach.  Never again.  He did this one solo.

Checking out the goat judging with Grams and Aunt Pam.

When ever I go to Maryland in the summer we chow down on crabs.  Mom, Pam, Sandy and I can crush a half bushel.  Here are the remnants.

We always eat the crabs at Sandy\’s house,  mom\’s old Fulton neighbor.  Quinn and I explored the yard and found a tree just full of these huge butterflies.

And every night we FaceTime with The Papa.

Quinn had his first visit to the Baltimore Aquarium and it was pretty awesome.

 On Thursday we met the McGees in Frederick for lunch and some fun.  Quinn asked me to take this picture.

On Saturday night we had dinner with The Newmans.  Ben likes to go out after dinner and play some basketball and he\’s really good.  Quinn was having some troubles.

Quinn and his Aunt Pam.

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