Pam Was Here :)

We were all so happy to have Pam/Aunt Pammie visit this past week.

We all love having her here but Quinn was especially excited to see her.  We don\’t get to see her as much now that we live on opposite coasts.  

Pam and Quinn with his \”sand\” (rhymes with wand).  It\’s 98% sand, 2% polymer, and 100% awesome!

On Thursday we drove up to Ojai and were thoroughly bored so we made our way down to Oxnard for lunch on the water.  Pam said it was the highlight of the day!

We drove home along the Pacific Coast Highway.

More funtime with Sand.

We had lots of pool parties while Pam was here with lots of fun in the hot tub!

On Friday we walked along the beach in Ventura and had lunch of the pier.

We finished up her visit with an epic pool party and more hot tub time!  Quinn didn\’t think she stayed long enough but we will take what we can get.

Come back soon Pam!!!

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