Going Back East

Quinn and I went back east for Spring Break.  Warning…overload of pictures ahead 🙂

Quinn got his first Mad magazine.  It was way over his head but that Lego cover sealed the deal.

Blue eyed and red faced….that\’s my boy.

  These two being silly at the park.

Hmm, there\’s a trend.

Wake up sleepy head.

My favorite picture of them all.

Hanging with Grams on the deck.

And being silly with Ben.

Ben wanted to recreate an old picture of them.  If I had more gumption I would go and find it.  But this one is good.

And yes, it snowed!

A little ipad at bedtime.

On this afternoon we spent a good hour or more reading Quinn\’s book Captain Underpants!  Hanging out with Aunt Pammy 🙂

Quinn\’s best buddy Lucas and his family drove down to NJ to spend a couple of days with us.  We were happy to see them!

Minecraft in the morning.  I love seeing these two together and they way they sit so close and happy together.

The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom!

Dance party in the amphitheater.

What a great week!!

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