Captain Nudie Pants

On Easter Morning the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over our back yard.  Quinn, Don, Barb, Sonic and I were all outside helping Quinn find his easter eggs.  Sonic decided to take a dip in the pool so I closed the back door so he wouldn\’t run in to the house soaking wet.

All the eggs have been found and we go to the backdoor….and it\’s locked!  We check all the doors and they are all locked.  We are locked out!

I thought Quinn might be able to get through the very small doggy door so I worked at getting that \”unlocked\” and was able to do so.

Quinn wriggled and slithered through the doggy door and on his way through his pants ended up around his ankles.  Our hero pulled up his pants and ran to the back door and saved the family!!

Our new hero Captain Nudie Pants!!  Yes, kids can help adults and this kid saved the family!

The doggy door was made for a very small dog — here is Sonic next to the door.

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