Our Rec Room

It\’s nice to have one more room unpacked and just about finished.  Our new house has an open area on the 2nd floor between the master bedroom and the other 2 bedrooms.   We decided to make it our family rec room with a TV, wii, games, toys, etc.  A place for us to hang out as a family and for Quinn to hang out with his friends.

Quinn didn\’t use the playroom in our old house very much and I think it\’s because it was at the end of the hall separated from everything else.  Our new rec room is open to the main level and gets lots of natural light.

Here\’s how the room looked when we first saw the house.

Ready to see the new and we think much improved room?  You can see how open it is as you come up the main stairs.  And the new brighter, light paint.  Master bedroom to the left and 2 other bedrooms to the right.

The stairs in the back lead right to the kitchen so it\’s easy for me to hear everything going on.

Looking over the couch is our front entrance and (formalish) living room.

The bookcase/storage unit is from Ikea and was a 2 weekend job.  But all of Quinn\’s stuff is tucked away in the cabinets, on the bookshelf or in his room.    He was ready to donate alot of the toys that he considered \”preschool toys\” so it was pretty easy to pare down.

We still have a couple of finishing touches to make but we all really love this room.

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