Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars

Do you remember when we moved in to our new house that Quinn wanted the blue bedroom?

I thought those 3 little windows might be an issue and that the other room would make a better bedroom.

You can see how a 6 year old boy might not want this room.  So, we told him that he could pick any theme for his new room.  And he chose Star Wars.  After lots of googling I found my inspiration and got to work.

I decided to paint the room myself and then everything else I found on either Etsy.   Welcome to Quinn\’s Star Wars Room.

I have a very cool fan that will replace this girlie one.  It\’s on our to-do list.  Toys on the floor courtesy of Mr. Sonic.

I put several ideas together to create this.  It\’s just dark blue paint with a white border and a vinyl decal I had made for Quinn from an etsy seller for less than $10.  I got the light sabre holder at Home Depot.

I love the bright pops of red, blue, yellow, and green artwork on the wall.  Those were from another etsy seller and I love the simplicity of them.  And Quinn was specific about where each one should go.  All the space ships and stars on the dark blue are peel off vinyl decals.

I love the addition of the red growth chart too.  And  \”May the force be with you\” as you exit.

Nothing like using a sharpie to write your name on a freshly painted wall : )  No worries, it\’s his room.

And Sonic loves this Star Wars beanbag chair that I also purchased from Etsy.  He steals a toy and then runs to the chair to chew on it.  The beanbag chair is stuffed with Quinn\’s stuffed animals so it makes for great storage.

Now only if Quinn would sleep in his newly designed Star Wars room we would really be making some progress.  And how does the original boys blue bedroom look?  Like an office still in progress.   And a bonus of a sleeping puppy at my feet 🙂

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