Lost Tooth

Quinn\’s two bottom teeth have been wiggly for the last couple of weeks.  On Wednesday I noticed him doing something weird with his tongue and it was a very loose tooth.  Thursday morning he woke up and really started working it and during breakfast asked me to get the tweezers to pull it out.  He told me to pull the flat one because it was at a 90 degree angle and also to pull slowly.

And it came right out.

After I got a couple of pictures, Quinn ran downstairs to tell Sonic all about it.    We tucked the tooth safely away in the baseball mitt that Don used as a kid.

If you\’re on FaceBook you probably followed the discussion on the Tooth Fairy.  We opted for 6 $1 coins for the first tooth and a note from the tooth fairy.

I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning and Quinn woke up early and started looking to see if the tooth fairy had visited.

My sleepy guy.

Reading the note from the tooth fairy.

His other bottom tooth is pretty loose so I think the tooth fairy will be back soon.

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