Around Here

It\’s been al little chaotic around here this week.  We had most of the inside of the house painted.  Everything was covered with plastic, there were rolls of orange painters tape everywhere, doors and gates were left open and Sonic spent most of his time in his crate.  Insanity.   I\’m happy to say goodbye to the 50 Shades of Baby Poo and hello to the 50 Shades of Grey.  
This guy is pretty darned close to being housebroken which has made life much easier.  When I am home I give him pretty free reign of the house although he is usually at my feet as he is right now.  
My car turned 100,000 this week and it\’s still going strong.  Now only if I could get a radio station without static.  I miss my NPR.

I usually leave the door open and he comes and goes as he pleases.

Quinn\’s school has an assembly on the first Wednesday of every month called Way To Go Wednesday.  The principal talks to the kids about what\’s coming up at school and the character traits for the month.  This month is Generosity and Opportunity.  A couple of students from each class get an award and the very cute cheerleader team brings in the school spirit.  As you can see parents are invited.  Do you see Quinn in his red coat near the front?  He didn\’t know I was there and was so tickled to see me afterwards.

Do you remember how much Apollo used to like ice?  Well our new little guy loves it too.  He mostly likes to chase it as it slips and slides around the house but he is sure to be by your side if you\’re getting ice.

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