Elvis is in the House

Tuesday night was the Spring Performance for Quinn\’s class and the theme was the Rockin\’ 50\’s.  We were very excited for this show because we knew that Quinn was going to play the part of Elvis.  And it didn\’t disappoint.

Three classes participated in the performance and they always start and end with a joint performance.  Quinn\’s class is in white t-shirts in the back row.

All the kids had a one liner and Quinn\’s was \”I was born to hand jive baby\”.  It\’s ironic that I\’m sure I\’ve heard that exact line from Don previously 🙂

And the video.

And then came the hoopers.  Quinn and his little buddy Aidan.

And the video.

And then the moment we were waiting for.

He was really swinging his hips!

And the must see video.

And Elvis closes the show

Ms. Kate has a soft spot for our little Elvis which you can clearly see.  She was so happy and proud of him.

We were so happy and proud for him too.  We love you Elvis.

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