Mae Days

We couldn\’t be happier that both May and Mae are here!  Quinn\’s Mae arrived on Friday and we were off on adventures all weekend long.  On Saturday we explored a new park and bike path.  Along the way we also found 3 geocaches.

Mae enjoys going to the beach as much as we do so we took her \”down the shore\” 🙂  We tried to go to Sandy Hook a couple of weeks ago but it was still closed post Sandy.  It has since reopened.  Sandy Hook is at the tip of the NJ coast line and is a state park.  Families enjoy these beaches because one side is the bay and the water is much more gentle as you can see.  Although I found the view to NJ not quite as peaceful as a view out to sea.

Before we left we took a walk to the ocean side and the waves were pounding the shore.  Wow!

If you look really closely at the horizon you can see the skyline of NYC.

And he\’s out!

On Monday, Don took Quinn to school and read a story for the class.  Then Don, Mae, and I went to see NJ\’s 9/11 memorial in Liberty State Park.  It really is quite impressive.

 My wide angle lens tends to distort images.  See all the buildings leaning in towards the center of the image 🙂

Then we headed to Jersey City and found this little rooftop place for lunch on a beautiful day.

There is a smaller tribute to the victims of 9/11 in the heart of Jersey City.  We also found another cache right here 🙂

We are having some great Mae Days 🙂

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