Images from the Week

When I\’m taking a class I don\’t go anywhere without my camera.  Here are some images from our week.

Monday:  macro, abstract, still life


Quinn\’s class is finishing up a segment on insects.  One of their projects was to make an insect out of modeling clay.  I guess Quinn was the class inspector because he made sure Edvin knew that he shouldn\’t put 6 legs on each side but 3 on each side.  The class also worked on insect artwork to auction at the school gala and his art teacher Ms. Liz said that Quinn insisted on putting 8 eyes on the spider.  Our little entomologist 🙂


Quinn had his drop-off play date today and he was very happy about it.  Aidan\’s mom told me that Aidan couldn\’t get to sleep the night before because he was so excited.

I was working on a self portrait with my mom\’s old Ricoh camera but it was an epic fail.  But Q was very interested in this weird thing.  Can you see his face in the viewfinder in the first image below?

Friday:  landscapes, still life, digging dirt

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