Stuff from this Week

We have a birdie that likes to hang out in our front yard.  Quinn and I always look for him when we go outside and we frequently see him in the afternoon when we get home from school.  I think he needs a name.

Speaking of birdies, the other day I thought a bird was trapped in our chimney.   I opened the flue and it was clear.  Turns out that we have a woodpecker that likes to sit on the chimney cap and peck away.  We may need to contact Pierce White because I hear he has some expertise in discouraging this kind of woodpecker activity.  
We had our first drop off playdate at our house on Tuesday.  Danielle had an appointment with her youngest so she dropped Lucas off at our house. Quinn waited at the front door for his bff.
The two of them play great together and it was a fun time.  We met up with Danielle & Kaiden at the playground later.

Another friend joined us with this little cutie pie.

On Wednesday we met up with some friends from Quinn\’s class last year.  It was a warm beautiful day and we didn\’t leave the playground until almost 6 pm because the kids were having so much fun.  Quinn has become such a good swinger!  He needs a little push to start but then he keeps himself going!

Today Quinn has his first drop off playdate where I drop him off at a friend\’s house.  He has been counting down the day.  

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