Westfield Costume Parade

On Sunday we participated in Westfield\’s Halloween activities, along with every other family in Westfield.  With the impending storm I think everyone decided to get in some trick or treating on Sunday because this may be the only chance.   Most of the businesses participate in handing out candy to the kids and then there is a costume parade with the Westfield High School Marching Band leading the way.

Some of the streets are closed which made it easier to get around town.  We met up with Lucas and Kaiden\’s family.

At 2:30 everyone gathered on the closed street and judges walked around handing out awards.  Quinn got a \”Coolest Costume\” award for his robot costume.  Yes, we pulled out the robot costume in hopes of an award.   About 50 other kids got the same award but that is a-ok.

Quinnbot and Dadbot.

Quinn with his medal and $20 toy store gift certificate.  He likes to cross his legs like that to confuse you to think his shoes are on the wrong feet.  Oh silly Quinnbot!

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