Leaves are Falling

We spent some time on Saturday prepping the house for Hurricane Sandy.  Although last year we didn\’t lose our power with Irene, we decided to clean the gutters and move stuff out of the backyard.  A single branch falling could shatter our patio table.   The leaves are falling like rain and our yard is covered.

Then we went out to do some treasure hunting at a nearby park.  It is an old golf course that was turned it to a public park with lots of paths for walking and lots of spots for hiding treasure.  We looked for about 9 and found about 6.  Our new count is about 64, give or take.

The boy had fun hiding behind trees.

But he wasn\’t feeling too cooperative about getting his picture taken in the leaves.

Now we wait for Sandy to arrive.  It\’s supposed to hit us Monday morning and continue through the day.  When we were out and about on Saturday, we didn\’t see many people around other than at Home Depot and the gas station.  After last year\’s Irene, everyone is getting extra prepared for Sandy.

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